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Omron 7 Series Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron 7 Series Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (Model BP654) Clinically Proven Accurate with Bluetooth Smart Connectivity

About the product
  • No. 1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand and #1 selling Manufacturer of Blood Pressure Monitors for 40 years
  • Manage and track up to 100 readings on your blood pressure monitor and unlimited readings on your smartphone with Omron’s free iOS and Android applications (works with select iOS and Android devices, visit OmronHealthcare.com/connect for a complete list of compatible devices)
  • Tested and validated for accuracy the same as all Omron upper arm blood pressure monitors
  • Features: Bluetooth Smart Connectivity, Heart Zone Guidance, Irregular Heartbeat Detector, Advanced Averaging, Ultra Silent Inflation, Blood Pressure Level Indicator Bar. 100 Memory storage on the device, unlimited storage of readings on the application

Precisely What You Need

Omron has been building and improving blood pressure monitors for more than 40 years. With more than 100 million units sold worldwide, Omron has been empowering people all over the world to manage their health at home.

Connect to Your Health

The Omron 7 Series Wireless wrist monitor is designed to give you accuracy anywhere. And with Bluetooth Smart technology, you can track your readings on select devices with the free Omron Wellness mobile app to help get a clearer picture of your health.

  • Automatically inflates when wrist is at heart level and indicator lights make it easier to find the correct position.
  • Silent and quick inflation, so measurements can be taken quietly anywhere, anytime and even more discretely.
  • Works with select devices and free Omron Wellness mobile App available on the App Store or Google Play.
  • Advanced Averaging technology displays the average of the last three readings in 10 minutes.
  • Blood pressure level bar shows how your reading compares to the internationally recognized guidelines for normal blood pressure levels.
  • Slim design is discreet and convenient and portable so you can take measurements when you need to.
  • Irregular heartbeat detector detects and alerts you of irregular heartbeats while your blood pressure is being measured.
  • 100 Memory storage with date and time stamp allows you to review the last 100 readings with a touch of a button.
  • Fits wrists sized 5 1/4″ to 8 1/2″ in circumference.

Get in the Heart Zone

Omron wrist monitors are tested and validated for accuracy just the same as all Omron blood pressure monitors. Clinical validation offers peace of mind for you and your physician who can rest assured Omron blood pressure monitors meet the highest standards of precision and reliability set by three major standards developing organizations.

In order for the wrist monitor to measure accurately, the device needs to be level with your heart. Blue and orange indicator lights help you guide your wrist to heart level, making it easier to find the correct position. When the blue light appears, your wrist is at heart level and the monitor automatically activates.

View Your Readings Anywhere, Anytime

Download the Omron Wellness mobile app on App Store or Google Play

Omron has married their accurate technology with connectivity. With the Omron Wellness app and compatible devices, users can wirelessly sync their readings to their smartphone (or other mobile device) so they can know their numbers anywhere, anytime.

  • Track your systolic, diastolic and pulse readings on the go.
  • View your current and prior readings at a glance in graph or list view.
  • Share your readings with a family member, caregiver or healthcare provider.
  • Connect with the Apple Health App to sync blood pressure and heartbeat data.

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